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Peter's PC Mobile Computer Repair offers a broad range of services to meet your needs; whether you need a question answered, want some advice or need diagnosis and repair. 

If you need to buy a new computer, or want to upgrade your current one, Peter's PC will get you the best parts for your budget, as well as your future needs.


Here are a few of my services:


  • Hardware & Software Diagnostics - $75
    ---Does the part need to be replaced or is it a software problem?

  • Virus & Spyware Scanning & Removal - $75 per hour
    ---What are viruses? What is "spyware" & how can it hurt you?

  • Network Set-up & Troubleshooting - Wired & Wireless - $120
    ---DSL & Wireless router set-up.

  • Consulting & Advice - $75 per hour
    ---Answer questions about computers and the Internet.

  • Custom Build or Upgrade your Computer - Starts at $100 + parts
    ---Should I buy new or build? Is it less expensive to upgrade?

  • Training - Software & Internet Basics - $40 per hour
    ---Help with computer operation & installing/using programs.
    --- Usually scheduled for 2 hours.

  • PC Tuneup - $120
    ---Check for Viruses using a separate Anti-Virus program
    ---Check for Spyware
    ---Check expansion room for RAM
    ---Remove temporary file clutter
    ---Optimize Windows startup programs
    ---Blow out dust from computer case

In addition, I offer a free 10-minute Security Review of your computer's protection software and make recommendations, if necessary.

Peter's PC Mobile Computer Repair offers more than just computer service:

I work with computer peripherals, such as printers, scanners, All-in-One printers, routers, Digital Cameras and Ipods.
I can help you with any electronic device that can connect with your computer.


Remember, if your computer is giving you fits, don't be shy, just call the Guy in the Bow Tie!

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  • Twitter: @peterspc
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Frequent Questions

How Long Will It Take?

The amount of time it takes will depend on what it is I am doing for you. The average appointment takes around 2 hours, but there are many variables. Some appointments take more time, some take less time.

If I am doing something other than repair, I will have to give you an estimate over the phone, or once I arrive.

How Much Will It Cost?
I charge $75 per hour with a one hour minimum. After the first hour, I round to the nearest 5 minutes.
An average appointment will cost somewhere around $150.

Do You Accept Credit Cards?
Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.