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Standard Rates:

For Virus and Malware removal and disinfection: $75/Hr.

For Diagnosis only: $40. If you have me fix any problems, the diagnosis is included in the final price.

For Installing or Re-installing any Operating System (Windows or Macintosh): $99.

For Installation or Upgrade of software or hardware: $40. Any installation that lasts longer than 30 minutes will be charged depending the length of time involved.

For Data Recovery or Transfer: $75/Hr.

For Consulting or Training: $40 per hour. Most training sessions last 2 hours.

Any combination of services will be charged at the higher rate.

If you live south of Shoreline, east or northeast of Lake Washington, or you live north of Arlington, there will be a travel charge of $20.

Laptop Rates:

If I have to disassemble a laptop to repair it, there is a minimum charge of $100.00.

Screen replacement is $99, plus the cost of the screen.
Inverter or adapter replacement is $99, plus the cost of parts.
Power jack replacement is $99.

"Disassembly" means removing or opening parts of the laptop not meant to be opened; it does not include battery inspection/replacement, installation or replacement or RAM.
Disassembly does include replacement or installation of hard drives, optical drives and/or video adapters.

Remember, if your computer is giving you fits, don't be shy, just call the Guy in the Bow Tie!

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Frequent Questions

How Long Will It Take?

The amount of time it takes will depend on what it is I am doing for you. The average appointment takes around 2 hours, but there are many variables. Some appointments take more time, some take less time.

If I am doing something other than repair, I will have to give you an estimate over the phone, or once I arrive.

How Much Will It Cost?
I charge $75 per hour with a one hour minimum. After the first hour, I round to the nearest 5 minutes.
An average appointment will cost somewhere around $150.

Do You Accept Credit Cards?
Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.