Peters PC Mobile Computer Repair

“More Than Just Repair”


Is Your Computer Stressing You Out?

Technology should be easy to use.

When computers don't work as they should, they make life more frustrating than it needs to be. I can de-stress your computing life. By explaining what happened, or why (when possible), fixing the problem, and showing you what you can do to keep problems away, I can make your life easier.

Dont waste your valuable time calling telephone support or unplugging and lugging your system to a shop and waiting for someone to get around to it. Peter's PC Mobile Computer Repair comes out to your house or office and fixes whatever is ailing your computer, on your schedule.
Even in the evening.

Whether it's a virus, Blue Screen, or a mysterious slowdown, I do repairs on all types and brands of computers and laptops, including Dell, HP, Sony, Gateway, and eMachines.

Peter's PC Mobile Computer Repair provides convenient and quality service to meet your needs; whether you need a question answered, want some advice, or you need diagnosis and repair.
Peter's PC provides computer repair and support to individuals and businesses in Snohomish and North King counties.

Stop problems before they happen.

An evaluation of your computers current setup can catch problems before they become Big Problems, potentially saving you money in repair costs and lost time. Peter's PC offers a free 10-minute Security Review to examine your computer's protection software and make recommendations for improvement, if any are needed.



Repairs for both laptop & desktop
Help with buying a new computer

Installing new hardware

Internet and wireless networking

...and more.

Protecting your computer and data is an ongoing process. Hackers, virus writers and spammers are always trying to be one step ahead of your security measures. 
Simple security practices will help you keep the attackers at bay and prevent viruses and spyware from coming into your computer.

I can show you how to do these things, in language you will understand.

I now take credit cards: Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.

Getting Started
   You can reach me anytime at 425-218-7786
or by email at

New Prices:
Diagnosis: $40
Screen Replacement: $99
Power Jack Repair: $99

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